Kinsmen Play Park

kinsmen play park sign

We found a really cool new park. It has loads of easy access parking. There are several picnic tables. There are washrooms very close by. There is a young child’s play area…

kinsmen play park 1

There is a very unique water feature…

water park

There is a very cool climbing apparatus suitable for my all the kids (especially the teen boys).

cool climbing equipment

There are some nice trees for shade.  There is a grassy area suitable for kicking around a soccer ball or sitting on a blanket for a picnic. This park is the perfect family park. We will definitely visit this park again.

all the kids

There is a little bit of confusion about the name of this park. One sign says Kinsmen Play Park and another sign says Centennial Park but neither of those names shows up in Google Maps. In fact, no name actually shows up in Google Maps to identify this park. We have been to 3 parks recently (in very different areas) that were all called Centennial Park. This park is the L shaped green space off Carlow Road.

Kinsmen Play Park Map